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Soprano Laser Hair Removal

What is it?

Alma Laser’s pulsed light apparel with which we’re working allow us to provide some definitive hair removal treatments. The light emitted by the machine is picked up by the melanin that colors the hair in its growth period. When absorbed, the light is convert into heat and will eradicate the hair follicle, that is responsible for the hair growth, without burning the skin. Ten tratments taken in 4 to 6 weeks are necessary for a good result. Please note that these results are progressive.


Pregnant women and people who have been exposed to sunlight 4 weeks before the treatment or will be exposed to sunlight 2 weeks after should not receive this treatment. The use of tanning booths, self-tanning products or light-sensible medication are contraindicated. Refrain from waxing or using tweezers for hair removal as it diminishes the efficiency. People with very blond, white or red hair might not be satisfied with this kind of treatment.


A transparent gel is applied to the previously shaved treatable zone. The tip of the apparel’s control is put directly on the skin and some flashes of light are sent. The sensation is not painful,it feels like a little pinch, like the one from a rubber band. In the following hour, it could feel like a mild sunburn. The machine has a very efficient cooling system, so the contact with your skin will feel… cold!

Maintenance care

As definitive hair removal could leave a few stubborn hair to certain people, you might want to remove them with electrolysis. Or you could opt to receive a smaller treatment with pulsed light before summer at a tailor-made price. Just ask your beautician. Please note that a microdermabrasion received before the treatment increases the efficiency of the process.


* Approved by Health Canada
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Half leg
Full leg
Arm pits
Full arm
Groin (bathsuit line)
Full bikini
160 to 210.
Back or chest (partial to full)
290 to 415.
Upper lip
45 to 75.