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A lexicon describing the less known terms, those which are often asked of us.

Hot stone massage

A relaxation massage using prewarmed volcanic stones that your therapist use in order to make you feel a smooth warm sensation that will leave you between your dreams and reality.

Body wrap

Your entire body will be covered with a mix of your choice between algae, mud or chocolate and wrapped in plastic and then covered with an elecric blanket. Effects varies from one mixture to the other, but each of them will leave you relaxed. This care ends by a swiss multi-spray shower.


Loaded with minerals, regenerative and rebalancing propreties, algaes are also apreciated for their detoxifying, slimming and anti-cellulite functions. They prevent muscular fibers loosing, relieve arthritis & rheumatism pain.


Face and neck skin deep cleaning with the aplication of ampoules, mask or cream (adapted to your skin type). Sink into a deep relaxation with this soft face massage.By choosing a more specific facial type, enjoy the choice you have to concentrate the treatment on specific aspects of your skin that you care most of. Your aesthetician will be there to give you any advices you need.

For more informations, please consult the page of Specialized treatment


Relieve joint pain and acts on bursitis and tendinitis because of its anti-inflamation action. It will also be useful for some skin condition, like eczema and psoriasis.


It offers you pure scent pleasure! Rich in minerals phosphat and anti-oxydant magnesium, it is very recommended for people feeling tired. This mixture has tonification properties for the skin and anti-free radicals.


A reflex massage starting from the principle that each organ is projected to a specific part at the body extremities. It will be provided with sustained pressures followed by slow snaking movement on the sensible areas. This treatment improves blood & lymphatic circulation and helps the corresponding organ regeneration.



NeuroSpa is a zero gravity reclined and contoured armchair that facilitates complete mental and physical synchronization. It is the first therapeutic tool to produce intra-corporeal music (i.e.: multi-frequency harmonic vibrations), synchronized with conventional music.

Body scrub

A body exfoliation technique used to clear the skin from its dead cells and very appreciated for its relaxing and revitalazing moisturizing effects.