Pulsed light (acne)

What is it ?

Alma Laser’s pulsed light apparel with which we’re working allow us to treat visible acne problems, in just a few weeks. Even after one treatment, there’s a notable difference but we propose a full protocol for a satisfying result. The light on the skin will destroy the bacteria responsible for acne, appease the inflammation and provoke the resorption of nodules.

Contraindication ?

Pregnant women shouldn’t take this treatment. The user of the treatment won’t be able to expose its skin to sunlight 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after the treatment. The use of tanning booths, self-tanning products or light-sensible medication are contraindicated. People who reeived an accutane treatment should wait 6 months before following this program for their acne.


A transparent gel is applied to the previoulsy washed skin. The tip of the apparel’s control is put directly on the skin and some flashes of light are sent. Some few flashes are required to treat a zone, it is not a painful sensation. Some would describe it as a brief warmth but not a burning one. In the following hour, it might feel like a mild sunburn.

For optimal results, we propose a protocol of 8 sessions in the first 4 weeks followed by 2 sessions in 2 weeks, for a total of 6 weeks (10 sessions).

Maintenance care

For maintenance, one session per month, or as the need arises, could be considered. Some skin adapted products, different facil tratments might be added in the course of the treatment, which should maximize the results.


100$ per individual treatment
700$ for a full protocol of 10 sessions in 6 weeks.

* Approved by Health Canada