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What is it?

Alma Laser’s pulsed light apparel with which we’re working allow us to treat visible pigmentation spots and greatly reduce vascular disorders like rosacea, inside the same sessions. Even if we obtain great results after one sessions, for an optimal result, 2 or 3 sessions might be needed. A delay of 4 weeks between each session is mandatory.

Efficient for :

Pigmentation spots, rosacea, bland complexion

Contraindication ?

Pregnant women shouldn’t take this treatment. The same goes for people who’ve been exposed to sunlight 4 weeks prior to the treatment or in the following 2 weeks. The use of tanning booths, self-tanning products or light-sensible medication are contraindicated.


A transparent gel is applied to the previoulsy washed skin. The tip of the apparel’s control is put directly on the skin and some flashes of light are sent. Some few flashes are required to treat a zone, it is not a painful sensation. Some would describe it as a brief warmth but not a burning one. In the following hour, it might feel like a mild sunburn.

After the treatment, there’ll be a darkening of the pigmentation spots, the redness and the swelling will temporarily intensify. It takes 7 to 10 days for the skin to regenerate completely and allow you to see the full potential of the treatment you received.

Maintenance care

One session per year or at the emergence of new spots. Note that a microdermabrasion before the photorejuvenation boosts the efficiency of the treatment.


Free consultation,
250$ for the first session,
175$ ** for the following ones.
**This price is applicable in the instance of a full treatment only.

* Approved by Health Canada