Glycolic peeling (or chemical peeling)

What is it ?

It is a rejuvenating treatment that gives back to your skin all its brightness. It’s a chemical exfoliation, unlike a microdermabrasion that is a mechanical process. The level of glycolic acid allows us to go for a deeper care so your skin will be able to evacuate its residues (pollution, sweat, make up…). The products we’re using for the glycolic peeling are Hormeta, also known as Trio Peel.

Efficient for :

Pigmentation spots, bland complexion, skin texture, dilated pores

Contraindication ?

Very sensible skins, irritated skin or people with acne shouldn’t receive this treatment.


Some similar steps than the standard facial but it’s when the glycolic mask is applied that this treatment have its real significance.

Maintenance care

It is suggested to have a chemical/glycolic peeling or a microdermabrasion at the beginning of each season with a facial once per month. You can have a full glycolic peeling procedure of 3 or 4 sessions for the best result


120$ per session

* Products approved by Health Canada