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Since November 2015, the microdermabrasion device used at Jardin Spa has been Pristine, with a diamond tip distributed by renowned companies Danièle Henkel. It is a rejuvenating care therefore anti-wrinkle and lightening which allows to mechanically remove the thin layer of dead epidermis on the surface of your skin. The skin texture will be refined and its pores will be tightened. The skin will be able to regenerate more easily, the active ingredients in our products will be able to penetrate your skin better and any other treatment you will have will be more effective. It is also possible to receive microdermabrasion in the body, to improve the appearance of stretch marks and reduce hyper keratosis.

The effectiveness of pulsed light hair removal treatments and photo-rejuvenation will be even more effective following a diamond-head microdermabrasion. Note that traditional microdermabrasion (with corundum powder) could not be used before pulsed light treatments because of the residues left on the skin by the powder.


Skin texture, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, dull complexion, age spots.


It is not recommended for severely rosacea or severely acne-prone skin. We also recommend avoiding sun exposure for 2 weeks after your treatment.


On a cleansed skin, different diamond tips are slipped on your face or your body by combining a suction and a friction to dislodge the dead cells. The different tips and the suction force are chosen according to your skin type and the areas to be treated. There are 12 different tips on our device, which allows us to personalize the care of each client. The rest of the treatment follows the usual stages of the basic facial or the personalized facial, depending on your choice.


It is suggested to receive a microdermabrasion at every change of season, and to receive a facial once a month. You can also undertake a microdermabrasion treatment of 3 or 4 treatments for optimal results.


Variable price for the body

* Approved by Health Canada

Microdermabrasion with basic facial
Microdermabrasion with specialized facial