Collagen and MPC facial

What is it ?

The anti-wrinkle care of choice. With a concentration of 90% in the mask, collagen improves hydratation, fills the tissues with water, smoothes the wrinkles, reduces their depth and truly decreases the skin coarseness. By stimulating cell regeneration, MPC (milk peptide complex) has the power to maintain cells youth.

Efficient for :

Wrinkles, sagging skin, skin texture

Contraindication ?

None, this is for all skin types, 35 years old and up.


It’s basically the same process than a standard facial : wash, scrub, extraction and massage. The magic operates when the mask is applied with the help of the collagen sheet combined with the serums. A very efficient treatment.

Maintenance care

Maintenance at home with the associated product line is strongly suggedted. This could extend the effect of the treatment as you will notice the difference on your skin. You can follow this treatment once every season or as part as a full procedure. Ask your beautician to build with you a complete program based on your resquests that combine all our different technologies.


160$ per session